Title:  .Burn.Me.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Eyes, Azure, Fire, Love, Passion, Happy, Burn, Chills, Curiosity

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Azure, The Center Of Fire..
Flames Threaten My Soul.
Searching For More, For A Deeper Understanding..
Chills Race Through My Skin. Glare Like Fire..
Not Tame, Like My Soul..
Hot, Like The Sun.
Yet Chills Every Nerve..
If Eyes Could Do That,
I Wonder What Would Happen..
Hand In Hand, Fingers Entwined..
Lips To Lips, Sensual Chills..
The Feel Of Your Skin,
Smooth Like Sand..
Please, Never Fall Through My Fingers..
I'll Hold You Forever,
In My Arms,
My Hands..
My Heart..
I Love You...

Comments on ".Burn.Me."
Posted by jmang33 on November 04, 2012
"hot like the sun yet chills every nerve"

amazing! the rest of the poem was great but that really stood out for me.