Title:  .Lullaby.For.My.Blue.Water.Buffalo.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  Nightmare, Pain, Agony, Blood, Depression, Hate, Sin, Save, Selfish, Suicide

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I'm so tired of these nightmares
the freakish crawling under my skin
what did I deserve to have this happen?
am I being tortured for my sins?
I'm disgusted in myself,
for everything I've done,
but begging for forgiveness just isn't enough.
I've tried everything to stop.
I'd do anything to sleep without worry.
but every night comes the same intruder, breaking into my dreams,
making whats fantasy feel reality.
oh God it's so wrong..
what I can't share to anyone else,
what I must take to my grave,
sorrow swallows me, depression lit candles surround me.
to bad depression is selfish
is that another sin to add to the list?
Dear God please just save me
before I save myself

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