Title:  .Drool.On.My.Pillows.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  Nightmare, Pain, Agony, Blood, Depression, Hate, Sin, Save, Selfish, Suicide

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im to scared to sleep

too see what my mind will vision next.

the hands of the night carress me

sending shivers through my soul.

how twisted can a mind get?

how can i feel everything?

these nightmares grip me at the neck

a blade to my throat

blood pulsing through my veins

how can i imagine such a hell?

it breaks through the walls

the ones i kept in my mind

i would do anything to feel numb like before

just to get out of my head,

what i cry about when i lay in bed.

sleep is more of an illusion

than any dream right now

the sights, the touches, the smells so fowl

why i curl up on the floor and cry

till the tears stain the ground

and there's nothing left.

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