Title:  .Forget.The.Memories.We.Shared.,.Man.Whore.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Pain, Lost, Love, Gone, Hate, Numb, Cold, Last, No, Slow

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i thought we were gonna last

just spend everyday together and laugh

at the most obnoxious of things.

you never have known how much joy you bring

not just to me, but the people around you

but all i can feel now is unsafe.

maybe i just didnt keep enough faith,

maybe i didnt show you enough of how much i care.

but i really did...

if only i knew back then,

if only i could relive it again

and just say no.

cause my heart beats so slow.

its stuck in the past but i still cant change it,

and theres no way in hell you could ever relate to it.

theres a pain in my chest when our eyes connect,

my legs go numb when we brush shoulders.

and now i feel even colder..

i thought we were gonna last..

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