Title:  .Bullies.In.My.Pudding.Again.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Bullies, hurt, bother, taunt, hate, pain, silence, fake, expression, life, lessons

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as the scilence breaks

i look back at the laughter, the hate, the pain we must take.

and cram it together, for passion is not fake.

and as i look into their expressions, tears roll down my face.

for there is no sucsession

in the lazy fashion

of hurting one another to look better than the other.

in a life that makes u look so grand,

but yet, your so insecure.

and all you try to do is bother,

us who never did any harm.

and before u know it, ull be a one man band.

no one to praise u at your feet.

and ull feel so hated yet so forgotten..

just like we did.

and when i say we, i mean


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