Title:  I.Don't.Know.Who.You.Are.But.You.Inspire.Me.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Inspire, Life, Love, Beautiful, Amazing, Unique, Blessing, Curse, Confusion

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You Sadden Me, Young Stranger.

Your Life Drifts In The Wind.

You Know Life, You Hate Life.

Because It Is Impossible For You To Blend In.

Unique, Blessing And Curse.

You Wish To Love,

You Love To Wish.

Yet Your Aura Is Saddening, Tear streaming.

Young Stranger,

I Know You May Not Have The Best Past,

And You Feel No one Cares.

No one Thinks Your Beautiful,

No one Thinks Your Good Enough.

When Really, You've Been The Best.

Stranger, Shine Like Stars,

Grasp Meaning In Light.

Kindle The Warmth In Your Heart,

And Discover,

Who You Are,

And How To Truly Love Yourself.

Young Stranger, Wade Through The Mists,

The Confusion,

Open Your Heart.

Let Us See You Blossom.

And Stranger,

You Are Beautiful.

You Are Amazing.

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