Title:  The Star.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Personal
Keywords:  Love, Romance, Beautiful, Life, Mystery, Pain, Night, Stars, Light

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Many Months I Had Spent
Whispering Another Man's Name.
Torturing Myself With My Own Regrets,
Testing How Far I Could Deal With The Agonizing Shame.
I Was Killing Myself Surely But Slowly.
I Believed That I Deserved The Pain.
Gently Washing The Blood Off Of My Wrists Using The Rain.
After He Left,
I Just Stood Around In The Darkest Of Corners,
Just Being Another One Of Those Loners.
Then Someone Brought Light To The Farthest Window,
While I Found Myself Fighting The Lies
(The HATE, The PAIN, The DARK)
For Someone I Did Not Know.
Whoever Would Have Thought That It Was You,
And That You, Yourself,
Have A Past To Loathe.
I Thirst For Your History,
Every Taunting Mystery,
And I Realize Now,
Through Every Dark Night,
The Stars Cast Light
And Give Me Sight,
To The Beautiful You..
I'd Rather Breathe You Then Air.
You Give Love To Share,
You're Someone Who Finally Cares.
You're Someone Who Will Wipe Away My Tears.
You Are The Star In My Darkest Nights.
Bringing Me Joy
(Love, Passion, A Smile)
From Your Illuminating Light.
I Love You.

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