Title:  Drake.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  Radiant, Love, Lost, Broke, Suicidal, Memories, relationship, pain, heart, bye, goodbye

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There Love Was So Radiant
She Believed It Was Kind
Until It Was Over
Then Her Tears Left Her Blind.
He Whispered "Goodbye" As He Clicked To End The Call,
She Tearfully Gasped "Wait."
But He Was Already Gone.
A New Cycle Began
Of Her Smiling, And Laughing.
They All Thought She Moved On
But The Depression Never Stopped Scratching.
She Can't Help But To Cry,
His Feel Gone For So Long,
She Became Used To Hiding Tears,
So No One Would Ask What Was Wrong.
She Can't Help But Dream,
Of Her Holding His Kiss.
Though She Wakes Up To Scream,
The Pain Exceeds The Bliss.
With Love So Radiant
She Believed He Was Kind.
To Bad She Couldn't Help,
But Fall For The Lies.
Months Have Passed
But She Just Can't Let Go.
That Winter Went By So Fast,
It's As If She Became Lost In The Snow..

Comments on "Drake."
Posted by jennylo201 on November 13, 2013
love this!