Title:  Art of my Mind

Author:   huntor162
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Art

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Art of My Mind, Translation of my Thoughts,
are Transcended by the forms that are brought,
Ascend to the Ascension of Artistry,
Propel forward with Liberation,
Free of Fear; Only Aspiration,
Love Conquers Opposition,
To Move us to The Ascension,
No more of the Oppression,
No more of the Depression,
We live and make our choices,
So What is our Decision?
So Many Choices to Make,
Nothing to do but Move
Onward and Forward with all that it entails
Forward the mast and drop the Sails,
Because life is too short to Wonder,
What it would be like to live a Dream,
Aspire yourself to express what's real.
-Phillip James Brown

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