Title:  The City

Author:   McLenn718
Category:   Life
Keywords:  city

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Bodies sweating under
their starched collars
and slinky dresses
Little girls on scooters
blind to the hungry eyes
that crave their innocence
The smell of fried food
dripping with grease
Broken, bourbon-breath men
hollering at squalid bird
Seething yellow cabs
screech and honk
Steel and glass towers
kiss the sky
Lonely souls blow blues tunes
on their melancholy horns
into the bleeding sunset
disappearing behind the skyline
Wild laughter floats above
Building lights serve as stars
twinkling in the velvety twilight
Young lovers interlock fingers
stealing smooches on street corners
The gentle hum of those
Bustling along the block
Buzzing with life and youth
Bursting with zeal
Beautiful, so frenzied and alive
Hearts thumping in synchrony
pounding the same three-word bit
in every breathing chest
Take me home
Take me home

Comments on "The City"
Posted by McLenn718 on November 06, 2012
Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback

Posted by jmang33 on November 06, 2012
Hell yeah, has a noir feeling to it yet it's so positive. Very descriptive, puts this warm fuzzy feeling inside me. Dig it.