Title:  Let's Go Dancing

Author:   McLenn718
Category:   Fun
Keywords:  dance

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Let's go dancing
You and I
I'm sure you'd ask
If you weren't so shy

I'll take your hand
Spin you around
Our feet tapping
against the ground

I'll pretend not to see
you start to smile
We'll just keep dancing
for a while

I won't ask much
Just a song or two
Just until we stop feeling
so down and blue

We could waltz or polka
It doesn't matter to me
I just want to dance
I just want to be free

So put on your best dress
I'll put on my coat
And we'll swing our bodies
to every note

Let's go dancing
You and I
Let's dance as the whole world
passes us by

Comments on "Let's Go Dancing"
Posted by jmang33 on November 09, 2012
hah reminds me of my youth. Dancing surely does make us forget our obligations.

Posted by A Girl Unknown on November 06, 2012
Damned good poem. Now I want to dance.