Title:  Bonded

Author:   scooterlewjak
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  the bond

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I’m bonded to the fire
In the wake of desire
No more lies bring on desire
This life you give me is higher

So don’t blame me, I can’t possibly be
The eyelight of eternity inside of me
And if I find, that twilight in your eye
Would you be mine, would you be mine?

Another bottle down, inside the crown
Did we see a shadow of a beam eternally
Blossoming within what we can’t see
Bring on another day to what we feel

Can’t blame me, for I can see
The possibility of eternity
Are there tears in your eyes
What else will I find?

Just simply look and discover
Not found in another
Don’t focus on the past
This future will last (it will last)

Calm that worried mind
And let your soul find mine
There are no worried souls today
And If there were, I would find you anyway

Let loose because I won’t let go
In my heart I know it so
Be mine and you will find inside
What you’ve never designed
….the complexity of my mind

Comments on "Bonded"
Posted by gonepostal on April 29, 2012
i read this at least twice and may read it again. i like it. it has a nice flow. the title fits. i see you rhyme sometimes and sometimes you don't. it's not the style i use but i like it in your poem. you also don't use much punctuation, but i LIKE it anyway. on a less serious note: "would you be mine, would you be mine?" reminds me of a song mr. rogers sang about being a neighbor on the long-running kids tv show with his name.