Title:  We All Have a Gift

Author:   justamom
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  talents, gifts, children, motivational

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We all have a gift inside us to give,
Some even say it’s the reason we live.

Some of our gifts come out clear as day
by painting or writing or sports we may play.

Others of us have less obvious ones
like being good mothers, friends, daughters or sons.
Who’s gifts, to the world, might not seem to be clear,
except to those loved ones who hold them so dear.

Some of our gifts are like fragile young seeds
that need to be nurtured and plucked free from weeds.
Weeds like the people who, with motives unfair,
would clutter our vision to make our gift disappear.

The lucky one’s gifts define who they are
and guide them through life like the steadfast North Star.
The unlucky ones spend day after day
searching in vein for someone else to light the way.
Living each day in struggle and strife
with a weight on their shoulders for all of their life.

Until the time comes when they feel the weight lift,
the day they discover, we all have a gift.

Comments on "We All Have a Gift"
Posted by jmang33 on November 09, 2012
I really like this piece, hits right at home for me.