Title:  Komapsamnida

Author:   SierraRaven
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  7

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I am beauty and grace,
When that is the required pace.

But deep inside,
My capability is commanded to hide.

I can kill a man with my bare hands.
But this is a secret; you must understand.

This too, must I hold back?
Need I rest, in no expectation of attack?

A tingling begins, an itch needed to satisfy.
I throw a punch, a kick -so powerful, so high!

Breaking boards, bricks, and bones;
The black on my belt shows all that I know.

The power within me,
It's only the beginning.

Everyday, I grow stronger.
I can fight even longer.

I won't hold back.
I refuse to relax.

Every moment: better, harder,
Faster, stronger.

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