Title:  Today, Tonight

Author:   jmang33
Category:   Life
Keywords:  longing

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Today I came home ready
for a weekend, for your love
to see you one last time
before you shot to stars above
adrenaline sure fire
coursing through my veins
the plot was in full motion
liftoff, 7am, in vain.

For some reason tonight
as I softly drift away
the call I will rememember
until the end of days
to tell me you were gone
before I said adieu
now I sit binge drinking
writing, grimacing, adieu

I do not feel regret
but it doesn't stop the pain
your childish boisterous love
lasted 36,135 days
yet while I sit hear sobbing
tequilas not so bitter
intoxicated dreams
see you, love you, winter

See you in a few more winters
still a fool, still a clown

Comments on "Today, Tonight"
Posted by eric88 on November 14, 2012
really well written, such strong emotion that i think a lot of people can relate to but can't convey into words like these