Title:  ages

Author:   eric88
Category:   Life
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listen faintly and you will hear, the cries of laughter, the cries of tears

subtle at first then they will rise, futuristic to some but past resides

so far we have gotten, but yet so little has been gained

light the torch, heat the way, only to fall, only to fray

so little is different, yet so much is fought

so little is gained, much effort and much pain

for who we are is not what to ask, who are you and who am i

who are they and where the answers lie, where does life begin

when does life end, what is love. what is pain

what is feeling and what is strain

so little is known, yet so much is taught.

a child eye be amazed at how little our thought.

Comments on "ages"
Posted by jmang33 on November 09, 2012
spoken like a true luddite (x, really like this one.