Title:  Fiscal cliff

Author:   jmang33
Category:   Humor
Keywords:  government

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Fiscal cliff o Fiscal cliff
should I walk your way?
some tell me to fall off
but won't I break my arm?

grand old men would tell me
no one likes a debt
to turn away from this ol cliff
and run right for the army!

A smug Chicago lawyer
he told me not to worry
like puppetry theres strings
it shouldn't be alarming

So where am I to look?
when the men I'm told to trust
are bought and sold quarter three
of every four year spree

Don't be fooled by pundits
Don't be fooled by presence
Follow where the money goes
and keep yourself informed

when there's no one left to think
all we have is blood to spill
and finally the debt may shrink

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