Title:  Roof

Author:   Rob_9595
Category:   Politics
Keywords:  Israel, Palestine, Religion

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Mankind kind man make
in the sky
to watch over you
in the night
in the day, to see
your aging reflection in the lake.

Dusty ground, your habit you live in
some ideological balloon burst so easily by a pin,
You float.
What is this Church?
Your God? Is he Yahweh or Sisyphus who loves you
Forever, in his heart or your brain.
This morass you claim is yours,
above any others,
Sacred Land to you and yours
that Palestine smothers.

So war about it you
fools that would
kill the children your Creator gave to make your

Thrust it home with a missile through

A roof.

Pointless, and the sooner you learn
the better child
because we're all of us done for.

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