Title:  The Tear

Author:   sondra
Category:   Life
Keywords:  life, confusion

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He stands upon the mountain side,
trembling with fear
In dreams he cannot hide,
he lives within the tear

The tear of confusion and pain,
Which is embroidered in his mind
The thunder and the endless rain,
which trails from behind

He stands upon the mountain side,
feeling larger than life
Oh it's been a difficult ride,
his tires flat from the knife

There's no sense of reality,
in the mask he now wears
The tear has no morality,
it has swallowed all his cares

He feels weak,
from the war he's tried to fight
His life now meek,
from the drowning unsought light

Another one struck down,
flying somewhere unknown
The tear it does not wear a frown,
in confusion it has grown

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