Title:  The Reflection

Author:   sondra
Category:   Life
Keywords:  life, love, confusion

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Your eyes look so desperate and so sad
I know it's hard to seperate, what's good from what is bad

Your eyes they seem so distant, but your here
I know sometimes it's hard to hide from reality and fear

Was there a time, when your eyes sparkled bright?
Was there a time, when you lived for the fight?

Your eyes they show cuts that have scarred
I know the strength to overcome, when thunder hits you hard

Your eyes shed tears of a mystical rain
I know the knowledge of wisdom hiding inside your heart, is sometimes hard to obtain

Do you think you'll open the door again?
Do you think you'll close out what should be let in?

Your eyes show a glow of the dimmest star
I know the desire to search for what is near, when near is where you are

Your eyes seem so tired and so weak
I Know it's hard to close your eyes, when all you do is seek

Are you still staining the window so clear?
Are you still going to listen, with your weathered ear?

Your eyes look so familiar, they stare into my soul
I know the reflection in the mirror, I am you and we are whole

Comments on "The Reflection"
Posted by A Girl Unknown on November 24, 2012
I like how this is written to the third person until the reveal in the last half line. A very nice touch.