Title:  Evermore

Author:   aiferen
Category:   Nature
Keywords:  Branch, Nature, Woodsman

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Dancing evermore does the wooden branch sway with the silent rustle of the wind, evermore, evermore, evermore.

Quiet do its leaves fall upon the shifting blades of grass one upon one as time passes over the season evermore, evermore.

Quietly the winter passes through the silent bed of the forest and the season of new beginning breaths life back into the baren forest evermore.

But quickly and loudly does the woodsman come, bringing metal and strength and the swaying branch is nevermore, nevermore, nevermore.

As the life, forsaken, disappears to the machine of steam, oil, and ore; quiet does it scream and is heard nevermore, nevermore.

Hastily is it molded to mixed shapes for later use and as time will pass, soon will it be decayed and be nevermore.

As the branch fades away through the ages life will come again in the roots of that which had fallen and will be evermore.

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