Title:  Home Sweet Home !

Author:   Saffron6
Category:   Children
Keywords:  sweet, island, gazing, drifting, dreams

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If I could live anywhere,
I know where it would be,
On the Island of Jam Sandwich,
In the Lemonade sea,
Where Jelly Babies build houses,
Made from Chocolate Drops,
And drive Cupcakes down streets,
Made from Candy Floss.
I'd climb Marshmallow Mountain,
And when I reached the top,
I would look for the rainbow,
Made from Rainbow Drops.
Then when the Lollipop Sun,
Set in the Lime Jelly sky,
I would climb in my bed of Apple Pie.
Gazing through the window,
Of my Chocolate Drop room,
To watch Marzipan Stars,
And a Birthday Cake moon.
Before drifting slowly,
Into a dream filled sleep,
Dreams of my Island where life is so sweet.

Comments on "Home Sweet Home !"
Posted by KathyB on April 22, 2012
Well, Sue, I really like your poem. Who wouldn't like to live there?! I want to read more of these, so I hope you will 'treat' us with many more good poems. Thanks.