Title:  My Life

Author:   ShellySommers
Category:   Life
Keywords:  life drop-out bar smack

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This is my life.
You high school drop-out.
Pregnant at 15 and on the road to nowhere fast.
Except you come to the bar that hands out endless ego trips.
Get high
Pop a pill
Smack the kid in its face
I don’t care what you may think
I don’t care that you may feel
I don’t care
I don’t care
I don’t

This is my life.
You cold big headed
Rough and tough smash ‘em up robot.
Get the fuck outta my life!
You did enough when I was born
But you had to keep it up
Didn’t you?

This is my life
And, I don’t want it to be anything like yours.
So, if you think you’re acting hard to impress me
Well, I sure hope it does something for you
Because, you’ll be surprised one day
When the time comes
And I spit in your face.

Right in your face
You will see

This is my life.

Comments on "My Life"
Posted by ShellySommers on November 28, 2012
To my mother when I was 16. (1980) Mom was 31 yrs old at the time.