Title:  Alone

Author:   ShellySommers
Category:   Life
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It seems to be so peaceful at times and sometimes it’s total chaos when you find yourself alone with your imagination. When my imagination enters my presence, I know I am not alone anymore. And when I am alone, well, I inherit a great calmness and am most comfortable with me.

I can say exactly what I want or mean to say. I may answer me or totally ignore. Yet I know that I am there. Maybe left behind the scenery but I always do exist. When sometimes I bump into myself, I say, “Hello! And where have you been?” And I might now even know. But still I inform myself of the goings on in my head. For I cannot keep anything from me, I am my very best friend

I feel peaceful with myself but, when I get very mad or very sad, to whatever extreme it may be, I just sit myself right down and I have a talk with me. ‘Just bout every time I know I will work things out, with someone who knows me and I know all about.

If you are not so gifted to be comfortable with yourself, you probably seek some lesser form of wealth.

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Posted by jmang33 on November 28, 2012
that last line....quite true