Title:  A Moment In TIme

Author:   Roy
Category:   Life
Keywords:  sunset, life, you, colors

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How many colors are in a sunset?
How many sunsets have you seen?
All you have to do is look and see the colors brushed boldly across the horizon.
Like life, a sunset is an ever changing scene, moment by moment.
Like people, no two are the same, ever changing, evolving before our very eyes.
You are capable, sensitive and caring, able to capture the best that we sometimes take for granted.
Just look and see, moment by moment.
Grasp that special gift, capture a moment in time, like a photographer snapping a single frame, freezing forever one unique act, gesture, or situation.
They are there for all to witness when you would otherwise miss it.
It will have been homogenized with the flow of life.
Really look and SEE.
Capture the moment.
You can do it.
Never look at a sunset them same way again.
Make a sunset YOUR sunset.
Stop and capture in a moment in time.

Comments on "A Moment In TIme"
Posted by KathyB on April 22, 2012
Aw, to be 'in the moment'... We all need to be reminded now and again. Thanks.