Title:  Frozen With Fear

Author:   PinellaRose
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Fear

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Frozen with fear, tight to one spot
Can’t make a move, forward or not
All I can do is open up wide
And feed the fear that lives inside.

Sometimes he lies down and I almost forget
That deep in my gut is a torturous pet
The first thought of school that enters my head
Makes him jump up and shout from his bed.

Then my breath runs away like a scared little child
And my thoughts aren’t clear, but scattered and wild
My heart starts to beat so loud and so fast
If I can’t get away I know I’ll not last.

So out come the instruments to quell this strong beast
First I provide the afore mentioned feast
Then electrical devices come to my aide
And TV and internet before him are laid.

Now, deep breaths are slowly restored
The beast gets drowsy, he starts to get bored
And with him quietly sleeping snug in his bed
My mind and my feet slowly lose their lead.

And I once again begin to walk in circles.

Comments on "Frozen With Fear"
Posted by Just.A.Girl on December 03, 2012
Wow! That's... really good! The flow is incredible and your word choices are really strong