Title:  Penny on the Tracks

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Suicide, depression

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In high school she graduated
At the top of her class
Was the one who excelled
And she always had
Then she went to college
Just like she was meant to
Always there for her friends
Was someone to vent to
Stayed busy, got involved
Made secretary and VP
Volunteered, lent a hand
Stayed in touch with family
The girl at church each Sunday
With a bible in her hand
The one to give up her seat
For someone else to stand
She greeted everyone she met
With a smile, so wide
That no one ever noticed
The pain in her eyes
No one ever figured out
That trains drew her mind
To thoughts so dark they scared her
Oh what peace she could find
The news shocked them all
Young woman killed on the tracks
Don’t judge a life by its smile
You’ll never know what it lacks

9:16pm 12-3-12

Comments on "Penny on the Tracks"
Posted by babyfresh720 on October 27, 2013
I liked it babygirl.if your on facebook add me,under babyfresh720.

Posted by RianPitan on December 04, 2012
Another interesting poem. I enjoyed it! The theme "judging a book by its cover", that is to say, making assumptions about someone not knowing the real feelings that they may be hiding from the world, appears in a few of your poems. You seem to be interested in exploring this aspect of human personality. It is a profound question to ask, "Why some people feel that they need to hide such feelings when they would ultimately be much happier if they could share them and deal with them honestly then move on with life?". Please keep writing as I enjoy your poems!