Title:  We Are Changed

Author:   Roy
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  time, love, experience, we

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We sit aone, but together in the same place.
Each thinking our own individual thoughts but,
tied together with a common thread of we.
Neither one thinking only of themselves, for all things we think, we think of we.
The US is the strength of each one of us, giving each one purpose, a goal, an anchor within.
Time is passing and sometimes causes us to think that it is slipping away, only to be reminded that it was spent together.
Time spent together is neither wasted nor lost.
It is changed.
We are changed by it in very little ways that we don't even notice until we stop and reflect.
Even if we accomplish nothing concrete it doesn't matter because we have created joy.
We have created love from despair and loneliness.
Few have ever experienced this.
We are excited about tomorrow for it will be another day to be together.
Our hearts are full of one another leaving little room for self.
We have turned into OURself.
When we sit alone but together in the same place, we think of we.
It seems perfectly right as it should be.
We are changed.

Comments on "We Are Changed"
Posted by RianPitan on September 11, 2011
Wow, Roy! I love this poem. It is two parts real, one part surreal, and very deep. It examines both self need and the shared empathy of real love.