Title:  Surrounded

Author:   darkest secrets
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Being Surrounded Left Angered

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Surrounded by mirrors
Not knowing who is me
Which is me
Oh which is truly me

Am I who I think I am
Or is this just a dream
Am I truly alive
Am I truly me

Surrounded by my clones
With the same dreams as me
Who will make it in this world
Oh who will make it

Do we really believe in ourselves
Or is it just a trick in our mind
Are we truly magnificent
Are we truly amazing

Surrounded by others
They all think of themselves
Being so greedy
Oh so selfish

Why can't they see there are others in need
Are they just blind
They truly don't get it
They truly don't care

Surrounded by beauties
Who do not know it
Others putting them down
Oh always putting them down

Will they ever see how beautiful they are
Or will others will just keep putting them down
Can they ever have a real smile
Can they even not be faking it

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