Title:  ABC A Secret

Author:   darkest secrets
Category:   Life
Keywords:  over rulling of another obedient

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An obedient tale to be told
Beaten until all soul is gone
Caught with showing differences
Dragged to the dungeon below
Everyone stopped thinking for themselves
Forever stuck on one though
Getting away with nothing
Hiding who I am
Inserted with a normal shot through my skin
Jabbed with a knife in my stomach
Kicked in the chest a million times
Lost who I truly am
Moral completely changed
North stars refuse to show me the way
Opportunity has come and gone
Persuasion no longer is an option
Quieting is my only hope
Regardless of my actions
Stepping up wont do a thing
Teaming up will just cause us pain
Unaccepting they will always be
Verbally they are strong
Without a way to stop them
Xenophobia won't stop either
Years will pass
Zombies will have formed from the shells once hum-an
An obedient tale must now end
Seize to be a happy ending
Ever after shall not be gay
Crying will always be heard in the distance
Rivers of blood will start to flow
Even if we resist
They will conquer us
Shall no one be safe

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