Title:  Land of nightmares

Author:   LittleMissy
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  Nightmares, fear, demons

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Scared tears fall to the ground,
Shadows swirl all around,
Close your eyes and hold on tight,
For you will surely cry this frightful night,

Watch the candle burning there,
Lets blow it out and give you a scare,
Light wards off the Demons you see,
It scares away the creatures like me,

Welcome child to the land of dreams,
Where Fantasy is not quite what it seems,
Everything here will surely be dark,
You won't even see one little spark.

This is the place where hope comes to die,
And the birds here will never fly,
This is place where nightmares are made,
And your beautiful dreams will fade.

Come on now, you can open your eyes,
This is the end of our little ride,
Just remember every-time you see something sweet,
There is something just as sour for you to meet.

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