Title:  The Raven by Poe (Remix)

Author:   mbekks
Category:   Life
Keywords:  poe raven death life dream mbekks

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The bird of death was by before.
Again, its shadow hits the floor.
I fear the nights of blood and gore,
But fear the raven? Nevermore!

Staring at it is a chore,
I have seen those eyes once before.
They burn into my very core,
But fear the raven? Nevermore!

Now the night has turned to bore,
The fire begs us, "How much more?"
I feel the wind smash at the door,
But fear the raven? Nevermore.

My eyelids are becoming sore,
And sleep, between us, has now tore.
This moment I had waited for,
But fear the raven? Nevermore!

Another world I will explore,
And in my sleep I shall not snore.
I leave a world engulfed by war,
And fear the raven nevermore...

Comments on "The Raven by Poe (Remix)"
Posted by supineplath on December 17, 2012
Absolutely love this.