Title:  Sailing

Author:   jessicamoore
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  clipper ship

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It was in a dream that I saw this ship passing in the night.
It wasn't as if it were ready for a fight.
But it pursued-determined.
To find some port in a storm.
To find some light on the shore.
It had a destiny-a purpose.
Led by the Spirit.
It passed by.

Guided by so small a rudder.
A team of sailors helping one another.
Life is a journey.
And we are its' crew.

Find somebody. Find a friend.
Be true to them until the end.
And when life's journey comes like a dream.
I pray God's Spirit will guide you to the King.

Comments on "Sailing"
Posted by eric88 on December 16, 2012
hey really liked the poem, it flowed really nicely