Title:  Working the Night Shift

Author:   jessicamoore
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Night, work,

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Working the Night Shift

Ever wake up tired
And wonder where the night went
Did someone steal it as we dosed unaware
Or was it always just there for the taking
And feeling unappreciated
It left of its’ own volition
And then upon awakening
We discover it is lost forever
To some unknown harmony of thought
Or ripple in the chronosphere.
Our bodies locked in the synchronicity
That deludes us into thinking
We can make it
It is in those sleepless nights
That time stretches itself out
Like a cat on a bed
And try as we might we can’t get its claws
Out of the bed covers
We think up contraptions that seem like they should really work
And poems
And titles for books
But for all our nightly toil
Nothing gets written
Nothing gets invented
And we wake up feeling cheated.

Jessica M. Moore

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