Title:  Depressant

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Surreal
Keywords:  Spinning

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Thinking too deeply,
Fake, unplanned, and uncontrolled.
Your face in front of me
Heart poured out, so real but not
Remember, but you won't.
Insignificant issues from this end
and a soul torn on the other,
I felt it but I wish it were so.
Humorous but not.
A song sung to yours,
not filled not fake,
Oh so superficial.
Down. Warmth. Embrace.
All that was needed for both.
wrapped around, your finger, your facade, but mostly mine.
Rooms are spinning but mostly the mind.
Left the same and it matters.
Kiss my head and my lips.
Remembrance quite clear, nothing to fear.
Nothing better than having you near.
Hand in yours, caress, I'm possessed.
Don't care if they see, Just here with me.
So excusable, so surreal its a problem.
The room is spinning but your face stays still.
Hands so strong, in experience. I can just tell what you've seen.
Shoes on the ground, not before, but just scene.
Feelings on the small of the back, first mine, but slowly yours.
Nothing softer, nothing better.
Woken, advancing, and not allowed. Apology? So fake but real.
So excusable. And the feeling of knowing. Never to be seen again.
Memories are there, faded but not forever. I hope you remember.
So false to dwell on it, never to see your face again.

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