Title:  Weep

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Naivety

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I'm such an absolute lunatic,
one stupid night will leave me sick
sick because I'm wanting more,
and thinking that its something.
one stupid night will make me tick,
I sit and think about how I am sick,
how immature and naive I have become,
but am I? I've seen things you haven't wanted to,
and felt things too... so whats so different between me and you?
I'm not quite sure, I think its an opposite problem.
I don't understand whats normal, but I understand the abstract perfectly.
thats my problem in life, I can't think straight. about anything. never.
I'll never understand things the same way as everyone else.
Why can't I stay a mystery? That is what I want.
I spill myself out to every living soul, let them in, let them dwell,
leaving myself an open door for anyone to step in.
Its beautiful in a way, because they always feel at home,
but can't I just be beautiful, and no let anyone know?
A stranger could tell you 50 facts about me I assure you that.
In a dream I once said, isn't it beautiful to not say anything, to be a secret?
Well I wish I could live this out. I feel that I'll forever be alone.
I tell everyone everything, so no one feels special. They all know the same things,
no one knows no less. Its a shame. I just love spilling everything about me. Its such a problem.
I have to ask myself on a daily basis, what the hell am I doing. and I never have an answer.

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