Title:  Chapstick

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Personal
Keywords:  Lingers

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Your taste lingers, it lingers so,
it dries my throat but drenches my heart.
I still feel your warmth around me as I try to sleep
but I never can because you're not there, and neither is your disposition.
Now my lips are cracking when before they were so in love.
I'm so angry but my heart is beating so fast because it longs for you.
Why haven't I had this yet. I will never have it. I'm not made for it I guess,
this thing called love. I always want what I can't have, and what I can't have doesn't want me.
I am absolutely weak, my arms can't even move. I can't move. You've paralyzed me. And all I've ever felt.
So now I'll stay low, stay low, I'll protect myself. If you didn't want it you could have said.
but you didn't. you wanted it, but it, was something completely different than i wanted, than me.
how dare you. wrap your arms around me forever and tell me so. and tell me it is nothing.

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