Title:  the shadow

Author:   jmang33
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  jung

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sight is such a dreary gift
the winter's chill echoes
life sways to and fro in his breeze
and the sullen streets in the dark, alas
fill me with seething indifference
albeit we waltz the empty streets
when street lamps flicker and carbon beasts,
lay rest
only this hour I will be free
as the night consumes our shadow
so leaves the other three
whom quarrel back and forth
into the void, smoke, enshrouds
a vice
an err
to suffer, alone, clasped in
incapable of summers touch
or lovers bounty
mental chatter urging
but denial

The light is still the dark
drifting in seas of fluid
eyes arising to the surface
this is the shadows time
seeking tribal groups
to share selfish thoughts
with unanimous decision
I stand within crying in the back
but saying nor feeling, a thing

I wait until the day
whispers leave alone
screams depart
clarity is found
but he always waits for me
inviting himself in
and I wait, alone, with him

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