Title:  :Happiness(

Author:   alex4d1
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  life, sad, happy, happiness, pain, suffering, weird, punctuation

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The easy smiler,
The happy laugher
The carefree skipper who finds
Happy things to say to everyone
Happy thoughts to part to anyone
Happy music to lighten up 1
' s day in a moment
Sad things don’t show up in his words,
but he has them 2
Sad things happen to everyone he says
Sad things, though
never last when you think these 3 things
Man, things could be worse
Man, there’s so much out there
Man, life’s 2 short go find something or someone to love- there’s always some1 to love.

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Comments on ":Happiness("
Posted by Just.A.Girl on December 23, 2012
I really like the idea behind this poem! Keep sharing!! =]