Title:  My Fiscal Cliff

Author:   markov44
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Love and Money

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My hair is much longer,
my finances less stronger
since falling in love with you.
My day trading's a bummer,
each day I feel dumber,
no lie, my friend, it's quite true.

My assets are deflating,
they downgraded my rating,
Moody's and Standard and Poor's.
I may soon need a loan,
how about throwing me a bone
when I walk through those big old bank doors.

My stocks, they went south,
leaving me down in the mouth,
don't dare write another bum check.
They'll toss me in jail,
you won't put up my bail,
oh hell, gosh darn, what the heck.

My life will soon crash
if I don't raise some cash,
I'm overextended by far.
Do you know a loan shark
I can meet in the dark
before I lose my shiny new car?

Though she's grabbing my money,
I hope this sweet honey
will listen to this timely riff.
I pray she'll cut back
and take a new tack
before I go over the fiscal cliff.

Comments on "My Fiscal Cliff"
Posted by jessicamoore on December 19, 2012
This is GREAT!