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Everything will be alright  (712)
Everything will be alright  (720)
A sinner saved by grace  (604)
A mother's love  (621)
to all you moms  (562)
A returned gift  (621)
On a spring day  (603)
A rainy day  (530)
what's in a name  (663)
Lonely people  (627)
I want to run and hide  (728)
Hearing but not listening  (646)
Keep my love in your heart  (604)
Pain and sorrow is everywhere  (706)
Think before you drink  (669)
How can i reach heaven  (502)
Death  (572)
kissed by an angel  (572)
Judgement day will come  (600)
all have sinned  (553)

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Username:  hugheson

Joined:  July 21, 2012
Last Login:  December 19, 2012

God gave me the gift of writting poems i do it to bless and encourage others and to be a witness for God i give Him the glory i have 221 so far and hope to publish them one day i share them on faccebook would like to see more poems on facebook search terry wayne hughes from lexington nc

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Posted by Just.A.Girl on August 23, 2012
Thank you for the comments on my poems! I greatly appreciate it! =]