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Username:  Eilidh Hart

Joined:  August 25, 2012
Last Login:  September 02, 2012


I’m Eilidh Hart (real name Ellie), I’m 17 and I love writing both poetry and fiction. I like rivers, folk music, red wine and adventures. I always carry a notebook and a pen (plus a spare or two) just in case. I’ve grown both as a person and a writer over the last few years, and my poetry is now at it’s best yet. Most of my poetry is full of imagery, and is quite sensory, often with subtle or hidden meanings. I often don’t use rhyme, but I like to have characters, especially strong females, in my poetry. Themes I deal with include: love, depression, religion, insanity, anger, regret, adventure, politics and hate.Please review honestly, I appreciate constructive criticism and I’d love to hear your interpretations of my work.

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