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I. Will. Think. Twice  (692)
A Cowboy Hero’s Daughter   (569)
A Purple Hand-Me-Down Dress  (612)
Color turns to Grey  (583)
Will You Remember Me  (583)
Music of the Soul  (674)
Villain  (626)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow  (570)
Ask Me Why  (632)
Dear Santa…  (470)
Life Just Moves Along  (604)
Heartbeat  (642)
Goodbye   (636)
Where are My Answers  (511)
Rose of Pain  (631)
Contagious Giggles   (543)
Dance ♥  (564)
You Dreams   (568)
Nobody Can Understand  (646)
Games Up  (564)
Late Bloomer  (551)
Who Am I?  (493)
Bad Day  (568)
Ka-Ching!  (653)
To Be Nice  (485)
Be My Skies  (583)
Land of Beauty  (611)
Why Destroy All of Us?   (554)
Re-locate  (556)
Just Don't Give Up  (526)
Forever Change Me Right  (557)
The Beat  (542)

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Username:  summershutterbug

Joined:  August 27, 2012
Last Login:  July 15, 2013


♥I love poetry because I believe it does speak from the heart.♥

Also, thank you so much to everyone who comments on my poems! You’re awesome!♥

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