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Never letting me be me  (335)
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ABC A Secret  (287)
You Know That Girl?  (335)
That one guy  (312)
End Of The World  (325)
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Username:  darkest secrets

Joined:  October 23, 2012
Last Login:  July 03, 2014

Youtube Channel: Darkest secrets

Hello, I am darkest secrets. I really adore this website as it is so intresting to read others work. I do not believe I will be very commited to posting poems though I may change my mind.

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Posted by teardrops falling through my head on November 15, 2012
I'm getting ready to post my first poem!!!!!!

Posted by jmang33 on October 29, 2012
hmm good poem, from what I can tell the 2nd and 4th are actions society places on you while the first is how your psyche deals with it...maybe the third paragraph needs more positive words that allude breaking through society?? Or you could very well just cotinue down the negative path...where balls and chains are reinfored by locks...I'm always more of a fan of the sad (=