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Username:  A Girl Unknown

Joined:  November 02, 2012
Last Login:  September 04, 2015

"It is probable that his father stood between Tom and the sun, and Samuel’s shadow fell on him. Tom wrote secret poetry, and in those days it was only sensible to keep it secret. The poets were pale emasculates, and Western men held them in contempt. Poetry was a symptom of weakness, of degeneracy and decay. To read it was to court catcalls. To write it was to be suspected and ostracized. Poetry was a secret vice, and properly so. No one knows whether Tom’s poetry was any good or not, for he showed it to only one person, and before he died he burned every word." - from East Of Eden by John Steinbeck.

I was embarrassed to write poetry. I took the plunge and came on here. Two weeks later I read this and feel vindicated.

Any positive criticism accepted. I may not change what has already been written but will consider in further works.
I have written these poems in the past as a cathartic exercise. Publishing them, even anonymously, is a big step.

Profile Comments:

Posted by teardrops falling through my head on November 22, 2012
I Love your writings. My favorite thing is how you explore the darkness lurking inside everyone and turn it into something beautiful

Posted by Just.A.Girl on November 15, 2012
Wanted to say thank you for your comments on my poem! That is one of my favorite ones, as well. It's always sad to me when people relate to my words, because that means they've felt the pain. I hope that whatever it is that makes those words hit home to you will help to make you stronger in the long run!

Posted by eric88 on November 14, 2012
it's no problem. I enjoy reading your work

Posted by grunge on November 04, 2012
thank you for your comment, i appreciate you taking the time to read my poems. i always feel awkward after posting a poem, but the positive feedback makes me want to post more. you know what's funny ? i haven't felt the desire to write sad, ominous , depressing poems anymore, i wonder if it has some correlation with my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my savior . keep writing, good luck and God bless :)

Posted by eric88 on November 03, 2012
oh it's fine, I was just worried I upset you. also i would be honored if you used one of mine for any inspiration. I like your writings a lot so that would be really cool