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Lucky Stars  (506)
Homeless for the Holidays  (572)
The Best Time  (550)
Scars  (592)
Short and Sweet  (579)
Into the Essence  (511)
Arson of the Heart  (593)
Killing Ground  (558)
Vertical No More  (568)
She's Gone  (527)
At the Airport  (624)
My Fiscal Cliff  (644)
Lonely Days, Lonely Nights  (620)
West  (531)
Oy Vay Avoided  (614)
(Anti) Social Media  (622)
Hey, It's Christmas  (581)
The Straw  (580)
Opposites Attract  (567)
My New Friend  (539)
Revolution?  (516)
Back in the Game  (614)
A Friendly Port   (527)
Winter Words, Winter Gifts  (582)
Deliver Me From Fools  (603)
PEDS - Not!  (485)
Bless 'Em All  (584)
Poor Richard  (555)
Bird of Light  (546)
Ode to Cheese  (540)
Silent Night  (549)
Monarch of My Heart  (548)
Bird of Light  (494)
Flashback  (547)
Come to My Dreams  (533)
Today's Regrets  (571)
Now Is Our Time  (672)
Your Gift  (544)
Untitled  (619)
Out of Exile  (502)
Accusers Among Us  (477)
An End to Idleness  (536)
Here I Am  (521)
To End All Wars  (497)
Experience Counts  (485)
Lovin' That Walk  (503)
Disappearance  (487)

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Username:  markov44

Joined:  December 08, 2012
Last Login:  March 30, 2014

Ohio University graduate. From Brooklyn, NY, formerly living in upstate NY and now in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Former newspaper reporter/editor writing poetry only for about two years. Air Force veteran served in Vietnam. My muse is my wonderful girl friend with whom I now reside in New Mexico.

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