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The Raven by Poe (Remix)  (623)
Fighting's Bad for the Soul  (618)
Humour in Debt  (556)
The Greatest Irony  (524)
Haikoetry  (510)
War  (522)
Taken By Myself  (550)
Shallow   (579)
Weight of Life  (482)
Graves  (489)
Halls   (604)
Envy for the Blind  (532)
Tombstones  (493)
My Precious Flowers  (467)
Soldiers  (560)

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Username:  mbekks

Joined:  December 09, 2012
Last Login:  April 14, 2013
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Posted by darkest secrets on December 11, 2012
Love seeing all your poems. They are very intresting and inspiring. I can not wait to see more of your work.