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Hopes and Dreams  (727)
Our Mistakes  (584)
The End  (762)
Things I Miss  (686)
Just Say No  (608)
The Last Kiss  (687)
My Loss  (666)
It Is In Your Hands  (673)
Hollow  (596)
Mirror, Mirror  (659)
What The World Should Be  (642)

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Username:  jrh187

Joined:  October 10, 2011
Last Login:  February 28, 2013
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Posted by fostercare on October 16, 2011
Your posts have had an interesting perspective. The balance between negative and positive shows a level of enlightenment and within a rich presentation via poetry. thanks.

Posted by RianPitan on October 13, 2011
Your poetry is very good, jrh187. I have enjoyed reading your first 4 poems, especially "Things I Miss" which sounds so sincere and heartfelt. I look forward to reading more of your work! Chow...