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Worms so called God  (583)
Don't Think so, Pet Sounds!  (653)
Prometheus.  (614)
Santa Lucia Rd.  (630)
A Changed Nerve Hoer Prize Zen,  (474)
Like a little more  (542)
Lady-Parlor knows!  (483)
Was still by Feel!  (482)
I am a Jew!  (537)
Rosangelica: An Odyssey of Hers.  (476)
The Girl is out with me  (501)
La Nod Ore  (488)
Sax-O'phone on friar pose  (494)
Yarn heat so- Heart!  (524)
Orb-Glory Manifesto  (484)
Violin strikin' gal fatality along homos  (451)
Is there a Wong inside central-town?  (473)
Blonde deny me, Traitor!  (479)
Under the Kingdom  (457)
Visions of Krishna  (502)
American PhD.  (463)
Sin  (491)
Quench of Manchester'  (470)
Whispers of the Heart  (521)
Catfish!  (478)

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Username:  amv79

Joined:  April 14, 2013
Last Login:  March 21, 2014

Read you Bible,
Orb-Glory Manifesto. God-bless Everyone, and be cruel its worth it.

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Posted by Macabre on May 06, 2013
Hey, I love your poems :D

Posted by Macabre on May 06, 2013
Hey, I love your poems :D