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Lovely Demise  (833)
A Shattered Shelf  (788)
Just a Girl  (831)
Anticipating the Crumble  (778)
Losing It  (798)
Too Many Pieces  (788)
Breathe Into Me  (879)
Anxiety  (742)
Crumbling  (694)
The World, Unaware  (814)
Lost at Sea  (776)
Lyrical Chaos  (822)
The Story of My Masquerade  (832)
Guilty Conscience  (735)
On the Outside  (810)
Why  (884)
You Again  (690)
He says she loved me  (849)
Her Silent Tears  (804)
An Angel Fell  (852)
Scared to Fail  (750)
Untitled  (786)
Clumsy  (757)
Clumsy  (785)
We Could Work  (828)
My Secret  (800)
Like Clockwork  (817)
Note to Self  (795)
Through the Dark  (710)
Scars  (679)
A Losing Battle  (681)
Penny on the Tracks  (614)
Breathe Out  (667)
Hands  (638)
Fragile  (621)
City Lights  (568)
We Are  (637)
Selfish  (715)

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Username:  Just.A.Girl

Joined:  December 11, 2011
Last Login:  December 03, 2013

Please leave a comment! I’m always looking for criticism of my work. I check this at least twice a week and DO respond and return the favor. Thank you very much!! I appreciate your time =] About me? Well... I’m Just a Girl....

Profile Comments:

Posted by margoexposed on November 03, 2013
Thank you so much for your uplifting comment on my Petty poem! Your work is great also, and so real. Keep it up.

Posted by eric88 on October 22, 2012
just read the secret, very thought provoking. i liked it a lot

Posted by SierraRaven on October 12, 2012
I really love your work! I can connect so well, and the way you write is beautiful. I'm new to the site, so check out my page?

Posted by RianPitan on April 17, 2012
I hope that you are now receiving email notifications of posted comments from If not, you should check your spam filter to see that they aren't being blocked. Remember all messages are sent to the same email address you used to create your account on day one. Let me know if you're still having trouble. Best luck!

Posted by tears of lust on March 06, 2012
I love your poems. you are such a great writer. I can connect with a lot of your poems. my favorite poem is a shattered shelf. you are a great poet and i love reading your poems :)